Kub Studio is defined first and foremost by its dedicated and accessible team, one that is also well organized and available. Since 2009, we’ve been creating accurately photorealistic and aesthetically appealing CG environments by combining our in-depth knowledge of lighting and traditional photography with CG imaging techniques that draw on the most advanced technologies. 

Should you decide to work with us, KUB STUDIO is committed to offering THE FOLLOWING benefits.

A rapid response and flexibility

Our 3D designers can be reached quickly and easily, and you can interact with them directly either by phone or using your keyboard. Are you in a last-minute rush and need a CG image right away? We have a dedicated and devoted team who will be able to respond promptly to all your requests.

Customer focus and direct contact with our artists 

Our team’s efficiency can be measured by its ability to listen to your needs. Your project’s success is our first priority and that’s why we strive to ensure that we work hand in hand with you and provide ongoing support at each stage of your project, thanks to a transparent and rigorous approach during each approval phase.  

A high-performance creative team

Like you, we know how to truly highlight your product. Our creative team has a trained eye and will be able to suggest innovative and effective ideas which are perfectly in line with your needs and goals. 

Quality rendering and hyperrealism

Textures are our core strength and the images created by our studio will live up to all your expectations in terms of technical quality. Be it in regard to the materials depicted, the mastery of lighting or the realism of the 3D environment, our ultimate goal is nothing short of excellence in all the final renders that we deliver.

Compliance with deadlines and budgetary control.

Over the years, we have developed an efficient work methodology and built strong team spirit, and this allows us to guarantee that both the timeframes and budget for your projects will be respected. 


Kub Studio has built up extensive experience providing 3D imaging and 3D animation services in a variety of fields:

  • bathroom furniture and fittings,
  • floors and floor coverings,
  • home furnishings,
  • industrial equipment,
  • advanced technologies, 
  • household appliances,
  • office furniture,
  • consumer products,
  • architecture,
  • interior design.

We have also developed solid expertise in the rendering of the following materials:


Mastering light plays a crucial role in ensuring that a 3D rendering is photorealistic. Our team has acquired the know-how needed to expertly render all the inherent characteristics of natural light when creating CG images, thus ensuring that they are always highly reliable visually, in terms of both the atmosphere conveyed and the reflected textures.

For a better understanding of the importance of light in achieving photorealism in 3D renders, you can read our article “The 10 steps to creating a photorealistic 3D rendering”.


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