Building the Perfect Team

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One of the challenges that a company must overcome today is choosing the right make-up for a team. In a day and age where it’s difficult to recruit skilled labour, when businesses are competing for the same resources, it’s important to create the winning conditions that will ensure the retention of qualified personnel.

The distinct advantage of a cohesive multidisciplinary team

To be creative, productive, structured and cohesive, a team must be made up of artists with complementary skills and abilities. If a team is comprised solely of centre backs, there’s always a risk of weakness in the defensive line. Are you with me?
Parallels that can be drawn between the world of sports, regardless of the discipline, are multiple. This same logic applies when it comes to building a strong team at a CG imaging studio.

At Kub studio, tremendous effort has been put into creating the dream team.

First of all, we have Victor! He is the man who pilots, distributes and attributes the studio’s various projects to our team members. But he does not distribute the projects at random! He takes the time to discuss and question each of his teammates in order to determine which members have the most relevant experience to complete your project. He takes the time to discuss and question each of his teammates to determine who will be the most experienced to complete your project. Indeed, a design for a new 3D atmosphere differs in its specificities and needs compared to a rather technical animation or a series of shooting in our photography studio. Victor knows who will be able to bring your project to completion.

In addition, Victor ensures that the budgets are respected, projects are delivered on schedule and the quality of the 3D rendering or animation lives up to your expectations.

Then comes Simon: the creative genius behind our exciting images and designs. His years of experience and unparalleled artistic eye make him a mainstay of Kub Studio’s creative team. He is the one who gives your project that little extra something. Whether it is to showcase your new faucet or to design an atmosphere of innovative design using cutting-edge technology, Simon will strive to develop the most photorealistic environment, one that will live up to your expectations and meet all your marketing goals.

Need a magic wand on your virtual image? The one that will give prestence to the entire 3D atmosphere? Maybe a carefully selected accessory or this slow motion 3D animation which provides that finishing detail you’ve set your heart on? These are all little extras that Simon brings, that guarantee your project will perfectly meet your specific goals.

Next is Samuel, the technologist. The one who keeps abreast of the latest cutting-edge technologies. You vaguely recall hearing about augmented reality or virtual reality? You’re wondering whether it would be a good idea, and if it’s indeed possible, to integrate this technology into your upcoming marketing campaign? Samuel’s the creative technologist who has all the answers and will be able to give you advice on all your available options.
The studio’s rendering servers are down? There’s no needs for panic! Samuel will come up with a solution in the blink of an eye. He’s also our scout for breakthrough technologies, the man who heads off in search of the latest developments at SIGGRAF, the large-scale, one-and-only international conference on computer graphics.

It’s THE place to keep up to speed on all the emerging trends, and the way Kub Studio keeps well informed when it comes to 3D design, CG renderings, augmented reality and virtual reality. Kub studio, one of Canada’s leading 3D imaging and animation studios.

There is also Philippe, our team’s balancing act. A versatile artist who can demonstrate as much ease in designing a complex 3D illustration as in photography. He’s also the member who always remains calm and level-headed. At a studio where we’ve often got urgent projects to deliver or we’re faced with a higher volume of work for one reason or another, Philippe is always there, calm and level-headed. Except when it comes to playing foosball…

Obviously, production is of utmost importance, but it’s in Kub’s values ​​to encourage a more laid-back climate and have fun. Moreover, foosball breaks are sacred.
And believe me, there’s great deal of rivalry between the players. Having fun and letting off some steam among colleagues while at work is one of the core ingredients for a happy and productive team.

Then there’s Laurence, our new recruit. She worked in the field of animation film before coming to join our dynamic team. Laurence has an inquisitive nature, an abundance of creative talent and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
She is also the female presence on our predominantly male team of 3D designers and with her unfaltering cheerfulness, she’s the member with the uncanny ability to brighten up everyone’s day. But make no mistake! Her gentle nature and charm never prevent her from taking her rightful place and expressing her opinions. She also readily provides her colleagues with insightful advice, adding her own personal touch to your images.

Behind this wonderful talented team, there’s the man who, far from working in the shadows, oversees, develops, administers, manages, explores and maintains that unique balance that is crucial to the well-being of the team, as well as to ensuring the studio’s various projects are delivered on time and on budget and, of course, to the firm’s profitability.

Richard is a self-made man. The projects he’s carried out over the course of his long career as a serial entrepreneur are both numerous and diverse. He started travelling at a very early age and soon came to realize that he was destined for a future spent exploring and developing new markets, both in Canada and abroad.

All his successful past ventures have provided him with sound and varied experience in running a company. He’s an astute administrator with a shrewd flair for business who knows which way the wind will blow and how to anticipate and react to market trends by quickly integrating them into the range of services offered so that his large customer base can immediately benefit from them.

A seasoned aircraft and glider pilot, he single-handedly built his own plane from scratch, the RV-8, a striking compact and very capable aircraft with a sporty design which is his pride and joy.

Every summer, at the traditional Kub Studio BBQ, he takes the time to take each and every team member for a spin. Whether it’s conventional flying for the more cautious or all-out aerial acrobatics for the intrepid, thrills and chills are guaranteed for all.

Nathalie’s our energetic prospector. A real Miss Duracell. Nathalie oversees development and explores different avenues in search of potential companies that could call on our professional services in CG imagery.

Nathalie’s career path is quite amazing. She started out as the head of a team of stylists, offering her services to various professional photography studios in the Quebec City area. She then went on to become the editor-in-chief at Éditions Pratico Pratique and greatly contributed to the publishing house’s rapid growth. With her contagiously upbeat and dynamic personality, she exerts a positive influence on the entire team at Kub Studio.

Finally, we have Louis. Although he has withdrawn from management and is no longer at the helm of the studio, he still collaborates from time to time, setting up and conducting the photo shoots. Those eventually are used to create your 3D environments. Louis is the man who successfully adapted to the changing times and steered the studio into the new technological era. He pioneered in the greater Quebec City area when he started using the very first digital camera back in 1996 (no, it’s not a joke). In 1996, the studio began using this only recently developed technology which, at the time, caused quite a stir. Of course, it’s clear today that digital technology has ended up becoming the norm.

He subsequently leveraged this past experience by adding 3D design to Kub Studio’s range of services in 2009, eventually leaving behind traditional photography to focus instead on CG imaging. He continues to collaborate on projects with the studio team as a technical advisor, editor and expert photographer.


In a nutshell, the diverse and complementary make-up of our team is one of our greatest strengths. We’ve achieved a perfect combination of experience and technological know-how that allows us to offer our customers the most comprehensive range of professional services. Kub is a 3D imaging studio that has carved out an enviable place for itself in Quebec City, throughout the province and across Canada.

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