Reasons to Consider 3D Imaging

Let’s say you’re about to launch a new range of products. You’re proud of the new models and want to present them on your website in the best light possible but there’s one big question mark: should you photograph these new products or instead use 3D rendering? Which is the best option?

Kub Studio, which started out as a photography studio, had been offering virtual imaging services for some ten years now. What are the benefits of choosing 3D imaging to market your projects? What would convince you that this technique is a better option than traditional photography?

This article examines the key advantages of using CG imaging. Whether it’s a question of realism, quality or versatility, we believe that 3D technology delivers far superior results.

Infinite possibilities

With virtual imaging, everything is possible. The use of 3D technology opens the door to the creation of environments without any constraints, ranging from the real to the surreal. And that’s what we do, and we do so with total accuracy.

We work starting from your plans, ideas and prototypes to depict your products using detailed and realistic CG rendering. The results are so accurate that it’s difficult to tell the difference between a photograph and a 3D render! It’s as though it’s the real thing!

Depicting reality

Virtual imaging makes it easy to present your products without any imperfections like manufacturing defects, flaws, dust or scratches. They can also be easily integrated into any type of environment. Daytime or nighttime, indoors or outdoors, or simply on a white background, the sky’s the limit! Are you looking to present your latest collection of hardwood floors in many different styles of setting? Stylish, chic, rustic, just take your pick! By opting for 3D imaging, you’ll be able to introduce your fresh ideas to perfection.

Photorealism is one of the great advantages of virtual imaging. But is it the only one? What other possibilities does 3D have to offer?

Digital imaging also allows you to visualize the results before a product has even been fully developed. That’s the beauty of previsualization. Let’s go back to our example of the new flooring collection. It would be simply impossible to get an accurate picture of the end result without installing the flooring inside a home. But 3D gives you the chance to actually see how your product will look in a variety of environments without the hassle of having to assembly everything. And the images will be astonishingly realistic!

Cheating or enhancing reality

This type of technology also makes it possible to depict certain aspects of your products in ways that would otherwise be unthinkable. For example, we can easily create a cross-section or fragmented view of an engine or ventilation system featuring a built-in dynamic animation to explain how it works. We can also illustrate the different stages of your product’s life cycle to highlight its durability. Some views would be too complex, if not impossible, to create using more conventional technologies, like showcasing a microscopic or hidden element for example. But it’s perfectly feasible thanks to 3D technology. From the infinitely big to the infinitely small, nothing is beyond the expertise of the 3D designers at Kub Studio. The world is your oyster!

Some shots can be complexe or litteraly impossible to do while using traditional technologies. However, none is if face of the talent of our digital artists.

Beyond the borders of reality

And why make do with just reality? The only limit when creating a CG image at Kub Studio is your own imagination. Your new flooring can be rendered inside a luxury home just as effortlessly as in a yurt in the middle of the desert! You’d like to see your bathtub floating in space or surrounded by thousands of diamonds but have doubts about the feasibility of such a project? No worries, no project is ever too far-fetched.

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The only limit to digital imagery is your imagination!

What’s more, 3D enables you to market emotions. The creation of virtual images is an art form in itself, in the same way as drawing or painting. The designers at Kub Studio strive to give your images that little extra something, playing with colours and light to further enhance the ambiance of a scene or adding accessories that will make a rustic cottage seem lived in. These are the kinds of fine details that make all the difference between marketing a product and marketing an emotion.

As well as offering the opportunity to create highly realistic images, 3D lets you go one step further, into the realm of the surreal. It’s just like real life… but so much better!


At Kub Studio, we know how to adapt to your needs and your projects in order to offer a customized service that respects both your budget and time constraints. And that’s one more good reason to choose our 3D imaging services.

Marketing variations

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Marketing variations, in other words reusing an image more than once to present different versions of the same product is cost-effective and a smart investment because once an image has been created, it is saved in our source files and can then be revisited indefinitely to create different versions. For example, we could integrate your upcoming range of sofas or your latest collection of accent furniture into the saved image. It’s also easy for us to present the same product in a variety of ambiances, which would highlight the product’s versatility and its all-purpose and timeless design. And we can do so for a fraction of the cost because the image already exists!

Another way of illustrating how marketing variations can be used is when let’s say you have various available finishes for a newly designed desk. It’s very simple for us to adjust the texture, pattern or colour so there’s no need to build a completely new desk every time. Creating different variations of a given product is extremely simple and has now become common practice. Marketing variations and possibilities can be easily adapted to your products and ideas, and this is yet another great advantage of using 3D to market your products.

Speed and follow-up

Let’s talk about time savings! A 3D scene can be designed in a relatively short period of time. It takes only a few days to a few weeks for our experienced team to complete the entire process according to your technical specifications.

Just look at this Viking image which took just 24 hours to create!

However, don’t by any means think that we won’t keep you regularly informed! Another substantial benefit of digital imaging it that you won’t need to worry about being disappointed with the end result. It’s very easy to modify an image during production. You’re not entirely happy with the chosen finish for the walls? No problem! Adjustments can be made in just a few clicks and our approvals process will prevent any potential disappointment.

The Kub Studio difference

There’s a long list of advantages of using digital imaging, whether it’s the creative aspects, the possibility of adapting projects to ensure they are within your constraints, or the speed of the process. We are convinced that there are more advantages than disadvantages to using 3D technology! Decided to switch to 3D? Good for you! Now let’s look at the reasons you should choose “our” 3D services! 

Kub Studio is a small Québec City-based company with 25 years of experience in photography and 3D imaging. It’s this combined in-depth knowledge of both worlds, the traditional and virtual, that defines our true strength. Our broad knowledge of the world of photography enables us to take the quality of our renders to a whole new level. What’s more, photorealism – depicting reality both accurately and aesthetically – remains one of our key priorities and this guarantees that we will deliver results of exceptional quality each and every time. 

Our multidisciplinary team of skilled designers is a real asset when it comes to marketing your next range of products. 3D imaging specialist Kub Studio is unquestionably the obvious choice for all your upcoming projects.



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