Kub Studio offers a complete range of photorealistic 3D rendering and 3D visualization services. Our goal: to make your life easier by providing all the support you need throughout the creation process and enhancing your promotional activities by providing your products with the environment they deserve, that is to say a unique ambiance tailored precisely to your specific needs. 


We provide comprehensive 3D imaging services that cover the design, development and production of CG images. With our 3D imaging services, you can expect to receive a rendering that is precisely how you imagined it. No surprises. No disappointments. Because it’s exactly what you had in mind.

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How do you depict a product from every different angle, quickly as well as outside of its usual context? We offer 3D animation services ranging from an animated product on a white background to the creation of a fully customized environment showcasing all aspects of the product. Contact us for a quote today, you’ll be surprised by just how much more affordable than you might think 3D animation actually is.

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You can further increase the creative potential using virtual reality and augmented reality! We invite you to provide your clients with a truly unique experience, one that stimulates all of the senses! Make a strong impact and enhance the overall experience by adding an immersive dimension. 

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In order to offer the most comprehensive customer experience, we also have numerous complementary services. Whether it’s through the 3D rendering of your images, the conception of a texture viewer for your products (See: What is a texture viewer?), the creation of images on a neutral background for your catalogues, the integration of characters or 360-degree imagery, we always strive to make your life easier by helping you to attain your marketing goals without having to call on multiple suppliers. Is your specific need not on the list? Call us and we can discuss it.

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