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3D rendering of natural materials

3D Rendering of natural materials Yes, you can indeed depict natural textures and materials in 3D and, what’s more, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish them from reality! As you’ll see, photorealistic renderings are all around us. And actually, at first glance, you might not even notice them, and isn’t that, in actual fact,…

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7 good reasons for using 3D imaging in advertising

7 good reasons for using 3D imaging in advertising. When taking photos of certain objects, it’s not always easy to depict them sharply and precisely once they’re in their final packaging. This is especially true with food, which needs to appear mouth-watering even when its packaged, as well as with bottles with their complicated reflections. It’s…

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Textures & 3D rendering for flooring : long-standing expertise at Kub Studio

Textures & 3D rendering for flooring: long-standing expertise at Kub Studio Illustrations of hardwood floors and other types of flooring are one of the things we do best at Kub Studio. For more than ten years, we have been building and refining our extensive experience in this specific field and can now successfully meet any kind…

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